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About us

A company is only as good as the people who work for it, so we understand that it is essential to have the right team. Our team has a very wide knowledge of the industry and expertise, derived from many years of working in the business of aviation industry. So we are not just service providers but skilled aviation professionals, with the inspiration, the passion and the aptitude to succeed and the absolute commitment to our core values of QUALITY, EFFICIENCY and INTEGRITY.

 We listen to our customer’s needs, we understand our market, and we know how to provide you with right services to make your business successful.


Johann Iconomidis (a.k.a. Janni)

Born in 1982 - Managing Director
Since 2006 involved in the aviation industry. He’s known for being an expert on ground operations services around the globe, particularly to Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Prior to founding X-Operations, Janni served as the Deputy Operations manager at Caeroscene Flight Support and also worked as a Handling Agent in Rhodes, Greece. Janni is a licensed Flight Dispatcher. He speaks fluent German, English and Greek.
He can be reached at janni.iconomidis(at)
Oliver Adam

Born in 1974 - Managing Director
Since 2000 involved in the aviation industry. An FAA-Licensed Dispatcher, Oliver is an expert in all areas of flight planning and operations specially throughout Europe and North America. Prior to founding X-Operations, Oliver served as the Operations manager at Caeroscene Flight Support. Oliver holds an MBA in Banking and Finance and a B.S. degree in Aeronautics from Dowling College, NY. He is an FAA licensed Flight Dispatcher since 2004. He is native from Mexico speaks fluent German, English and Spanish.
He can be reached at oliver.adam(at) 

Magdalena Egger

Born in 1991 – Flight Dispatcher
Since 2012 involved in the aviation industry. Prior to X-Operations, Magdalena served as Crew Controller and Fuel Procurement at Tyrolean Jet Services. She speaks fluent German and English
She can be reached at magdalena.egger(at)